Participation in CYP IAPT

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Participation is the active involvement of children in the decisions, processes, and programmes that affect their lives.

For CYP IAPT this means involving children in the way that psychological therapies are set up and made available as a service for them and those who will follow.

When Participation happens everyone benefits

It helps young people learn constructive ways of influencing the world around them. Through being involved they grow and develop.

It helps services to become more aware of and responsive to children’s needs.

What does it look like?

  • It’s authentic and meaningful – children aren’t involved just because projects know they ought to include them
  • It helps them feel free to make their views known – things that might inhibit them from being involved have been removed
  • It listens to all their varied and multiple ways of communicating
  • It requires a shift in thinking and behaviour — from an exclusionary to an inclusionary approach to children and their capabilities.

What Participation is happening in CYP IAPT?

Young people are:

  • Taking part in consultation events about what young people want from mental health services including: the types of therapy room they want; opening times and where services should be based
  • Helping with staff recruitment – e.g. shortlisting suitable candidates and sitting on selection panels
  • Making short films and blogs explaining child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), about who works in them and what they do
  • Attending CAMHS steering group meetings and feeding views and ideas into planning groups higher up in NHS Trusts

If you have an example of young people participating in CYP IAPT that you’d like to share then drop by the forums and tell us all about it!

How young people are helping us to help you

Young people know as much as we do about how to embed participation in mental health services. So we’re recruiting them to help us deliver support to you. Here’s how:

CYP IAPT YP 1National Advisory Group Members

These young people help guide the development of the CYP IAPT programme. You can send questions or information for them to listen and respond to at their 6 monthly meetings. Ask your GIFT link worker for more information.

Sessional Workers

They help us deliver training and workshops. Look out for them when you attend our events.

Willing Consultees

These are young people who have signed up for MyAPT just like you. We will support them to pop up and answer your questions and stories in the MyAPT forums. From time to time we’ll also run focused online consultations with them. If you’d like to submit an issue or topic for consultation then let us know. If you’re not yet signed up you can do so here.

More support

If you need help to recruit, train and support young people to become involved on a local, ongoing basis with your partnership or HEI then please contact your GIFT link worker and we’ll do our best to help.

Help Young People get involved

If you know young people who might like to get involved in the work we’re doing then please direct them here for more information about how to get involved.

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