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Find out how you can help improve the way mental health services are provided to young people

We Need Your Help

**Sorry, we are currently closed to new applications**

We’re looking for young people with passion and ideas to get involved in the national CYP IAPT progamme. You don’t need to have used mental health services, just be interested in improving them.

We’ll give you training, pay your expenses, give you vouchers for your time and help you use the experience to improve your CV and job prospects.

What is CYP IAPT?

It stands for Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – making it easier for them to get help for mental or emotional health problems. It’s being run in 5 areas of the country and is funded by the Department of Health. Get more info here.

Why Get Involved?

CYP IAPT needs your involvement. This is because the programme is all about services that are used by children and young people and that makes them the experts as much as the professionals.

We need your views, ideas and expertise to make the programme work right.

What’s It Like?

GIFT has opened up so many doors and opportunities for me in my life from meeting amazing people, attending national groups, producing films and writing blogs. Working as a YSW has enabled me to develop confidence in my abilities and develop self belief. Things that have become so important in my own personal journey. For me in my life, being apart of GIFT, has been truly amazing and it is something I will always remember. GIFT has opened my eyes to what I’m truly passionate about and what I’d like to do in the future.
Leanne Walker
I have been involved in a variety of participation projects but being a GIFT YSW has been different. It has boosted my confidence and given some amazing opportunities, from sitting on national steering groups, co chairing the CYP IAPT conference and speaking at an international congress in Venice. I am not only valued for my service user experience but also for all the other skills I have developed. I would not describe it as a participation project but instead a venture of true partnership.
Charlotte Mckenzie
Joining GIFT back in 2013 I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew I was passionate about mental health and I really thought I could change my negative experiences of using mental health services into a positive, to help others that are experiencing the same as I was. Working with GIFT is very hands on, you get to be involved in a variety of activities from speaking at conferences to attending national meetings to looking over documents. I feel I am part of an extended family when I am working with GIFT not only are they colleagues but some of the most amazing inspirational people you will meet, who are extremely dedicated and passionate in improving mental health services. It is without a doubt one of the most proudest and most fantastic things I have ever been a part of!
Mandy Tuffrey

How to Get Involved

We’d like to invite you to apply to become a Young Sessional Worker.

We are looking for young people to help us deliver training and information events for CYP IAPT services nearest to you.  These events will try and address some of the difficulties services have, e.g. how to sustain young people’s involvement in a way that is interesting for them or how to make sure that feedback from young people is really heard.

What You Will Get Back

If you get involved we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Each young person is linked to and supported by one of the 5 MyAPT team members. We’ll give you advice and training for the activities you get involved in – e.g. presentation skills, interviewing, blogging etc.

We’ll also pay any travel costs or expenses for you to be involved. We’ll offer you training if you need it and if you’re a Sessional Worker we’ll pay you for your time with shopping vouchers. We’ll also give you accreditation or testimonials to improve your CV.

Got Any More Questions?

Read our FAQs for Young People by clicking here.

How to Get Started

If you are under 16 please get your parents consent before contacting us.

To register an interest in becoming a Sessional Worker please send us your email address below and we’ll email you a recruitment pack.

**Sorry, we are currently closed to new applications**

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