GIFT Launches Young People’s Health Participation Ebook with NHS England

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Taking on the Challenge Ebook Cover In partnership with Kath Evans, NHS England’s Head of Patient Experience we’re chuffed to have launched our first ebook on MyAPT.

Inspired by the work being done by CAMHS participation projects across the country we offered, and Kath asked us, to go out and capture the 17 best examples of young people’s participation across all health services.

From hospitals to community to minority groups and rare illnesses. We’ve scoped and talked to some of the most inspiring participation practitioners in the country, deliberately seeking examples outside of the world of mental health services.

But we’ve not only focused on capturing what projects are doing but actually what is making them successful, the challenges they’ve faced and how they’re overcoming them.

Kath describes it best:

“Bright spots, we love them don’t we? Shining examples of people doing brilliant stuff to make the participation and engagement of children and young people a reality.

KathBright spots are all around us. OK we may not be able to copy them exactly, our local circumstances may be a bit different.

But we all need to be encouraged by great ideas: ‘if they are doing it, why don’t we?’

This ebook is a collection of the great work happening across the country. Work delivered by driven and enthusiastic health care professionals ensuring the voice and ideas of children and young people are heard. Events have been planned, doors to clinical environments have been opened to feedback, Royal Colleges have valued the input of the public in the same way as input from professionals, and projects have been initiated by young people for young people with benefits to the wider community. It’s truly exciting to see the voice and ideas of children and young people creating cultural shifts. The future is being changed.”

Whatever area of young people’s participation you work in, even if its not health related you’ll be inspired by this collection.

Taking on the Challenge is available in pdf format and is free to download.

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Joe Roberson


Cathy Street
Fiona Warner-Gale
Jane Sedgewick
Joe Roberson
Yvonne Anderson
With thanks to all the people and services who contributed to the book.

About Joe Roberson

Joe is an ex-children's mental health advocate and participation worker turned digital innovator. He co-wrote the groundbreaking Headspace Toolkit (2005) and Through the Maze (2008). For the last 18 months he's been leading MOMO, running MyAPT and writing for Innovation Labs.

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