GIFT Launches CAMHS Sustaining Participation Ebook

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sustaining participation ebook camhsInspired by the way that local CAMHS services are meeting the challenge of sustaining children and young people’s involvement in shaping services, today GIFT launches Sustaining Participation, a guide to keeping participation going in your service and helping your young people make the most of their involvement in your project.

Contents include:

  • Benefits of Young People’s Participation – Who, What
    and How
  • How to Get Funding for Your Participation Project
  • Enabling Pathways Through Participation
  • Five Essential Online Resources

With contributions from the whole team, the book is designed to help you through the funding and resource based challenges that you are facing now and will likely face on the journey ahead.

Get the ebook here.

About Joe Roberson

Joe is an ex-children's mental health advocate and participation worker turned digital innovator. He co-wrote the groundbreaking Headspace Toolkit (2005) and Through the Maze (2008). For the last 18 months he's been leading MOMO, running MyAPT and writing for Innovation Labs.

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