Free Events: Sustaining Participation Masterclasses Sept 2015

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In this climate of austerity, how do we make young people’s participation sustainable?

sustainable bunnyThe GIFT team brings you a MASTERCLASS in new ways of thinking about sustaining participation, with topics requested by professionals and young people, including:

  • evaluating participation
  • benefits realisation
  • reaching out with technology
  • capitalising social value

The events are open to anyone with a part to play in transforming services for children’s and young people’s mental health. But we do ask that you only attend if you are able to act on the learning you receive.

  • London Wednesday 16 September 9.30-4pm BOOK NOW
  • Bristol Thursday 24 September 9.30-4pm  BOOK NOW
  • Doncaster Monday 28 September BOOK 9.30-4pm BOOK NOW

Refreshments provided. Please attend the event most convenient for you.

Contact your GIFT worker with any questions!

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About Joe Roberson

Joe is an ex-children's mental health advocate and participation worker turned digital innovator. He co-wrote the groundbreaking Headspace Toolkit (2005) and Through the Maze (2008). For the last 18 months he's been leading MOMO, running MyAPT and writing for Innovation Labs.


  1. Dr kandarp joshi says:

    I am so impressed by your initiative and commitment. I work in CAMHS up in Aberdeen and infortunately cannot make to trianing events. We have undertaken CAMHS redesign which also involves young people and parents. I am keen to know more about your workshops and be grateful if I cna have copy of the tools and materials you use.

    best regards

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