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Join MyAPT!Find out how MyAPT can help you embed participation in your CYP IAPT service

MyAPT is a membership site that helps young people, mental health professionals, CAMHS partnerships and the universities that train them to embed children and young people’s participation in the way they deliver psychological therapies.

The Benefits

By using this site in conjunction with on the ground support from the GIFT team you’ll:

  • Feel more confident about how to involve young people
  • Have more skills and strategies for enabling user participation
  • Experience an easier journey to embedding participation as a valued part of your everyday practice
  • Improve young people’s satisfaction with your services

What You Get

Here’s what you get when you sign up for MyAPT:

  • Access to the MyAPT Community Forums – online support from the GIFT team of young people and professional participation specialists, so you get solutions to your participation problems
  • Exclusive access to MyAPT’s downloads – training and development resources that will give you the skills and strategies to involve young people in your work
  • Monthly MyAPT bulletins – programme news, event information and direct links to new articles, resources and forum discussions that have got our community thinking and talking
  • Access to your CYP IAPT peers – so that you can build links, share experiences and get helpful advice from those who’ve already trodden your path

Membership and access to the site’s resources is open to professionals from CYP IAPT and currently also non CYP IAPT projects. However, online and on the ground support from the GIFT team is only available to CYP IAPT sites. If you’re a non CYP IAPT service needing support then we can still help. To find out how please contact us.

Who Are We?

MyAPT is delivered by the GIFT Partnership. We’re a team of ex-CAMHS professionals, young people, voluntary sector veterans and mental health researchers with a reputation for leading transformation within CAMHS and a commitment to involving users in how we work.

We’re here to help. Sign up to get started.


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