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Signed up already? This page gives some ideas for what to do next.

1. Upload a profile photo. Identify yourself to the rest of the community with a picture (aka avatar) of you, your favourite animal or even your favourite cake. Click to the right on your username -> profile -> change avatar

2. See who you already know on MyAPT and link to them here

3. Have a look at what’s been happening recently on MyAPT – latest activity

4. Jump straight into the forums and get help with a participation issue or support other people with their own participation dilemmas and questions – click here.

5. Read our latest articles, including articles produced by University College London and YoungMinds in Year 1 and 2. If you’re logged in you can also post comments.

6. Read about the Nine Participation Priorities developed by young people with Young Minds and Year 1 IAPT sites here.

7. If you have a question that you don’t feel fits within the forum then click here to contact us.

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