About Joe Roberson

Joe is an ex-children's mental health advocate and participation worker turned digital innovator. He co-wrote the groundbreaking Headspace Toolkit (2005) and Through the Maze (2008). For the last 18 months he's been leading MOMO, running MyAPT and writing for Innovation Labs.

Attend the CAMHS National Networking Forum

Please join us at the… 2nd Annual CAMHS National Networking Forum 2016 Wednesday 27th January 2016, Hotel Football, Manchester Following a fantastic year for young people’s participation, the GIFT Partnership is delighted to be working alongside National Networking Forums to deliver 2016’s CAMHS event. Visit the homepage for more details about the event, which will address the […]

How To Do CAMHS Participation, Without a Group!

Nearly every CAMHS service we’ve visited or spoken to has a regular participation group, or two. They are the de-facto norm for young people’s participation. They guarantee you

New CAMHS Ready App is Ready to Go

Did you know that there is an app that helps children and young people, and their families, prepare for their first visit to North Staffordshire Combined CAMHS? In fact, it’s actually open to use by anyone preparing for their first visit to any CAMHS service, anywhere. It’s called

GIFT Launches CAMHS Sustaining Participation Ebook

Inspired by the way that local CAMHS services are meeting the challenge of sustaining children and young people’s involvement in shaping services, today GIFT launches Sustaining Participation, a guide to keeping participation going in your service and helping your young people make the most of their involvement in your project. Contents include

Free Events: Sustaining Participation Masterclasses Sept 2015

In this climate of austerity, how do we make young people’s participation sustainable? The GIFT team brings you a MASTERCLASS in new ways of thinking about sustaining participation, with topics requested by professionals and young people, including: evaluating participation benefits realisation reaching out with technology capitalising social value The events are open to anyone with a […]

Facing Shadows: ‘Behind the Scenes’, a better way to present research data?

Last month you probably heard that the Anna Freud Centre launched two stunning videos about young people’s experience of depression. Facing Shadows – co-created with seven young people who came together to share and talk about their experience of dealing with depression and going to therapy. Journey Through the Shadows – created with three parents who […]

How To Succeed Like East Sussex

Last week we revealed how backing participation workers with long term and valued contracts leads to a higher level of young people’s involvement. This week we’re here to show you that long term funding on its own isn’t a full solution and that to get to the level achieved by East Sussex there are still big […]

How Participation Worker Job Stability Improves and Increases Young People’s Participation

Did you know there is an NHS Trust whose CAMHS participation service has recently delivered all of

On The Road to Embeddedness

Over two years ago Lucy McGregor was appointed assistant psychologist at Islington CAMHS. The main focus of the role was to be user participation. At the time there was only a small amount of participation activity happening and since then Lucy has built up the Borough’s participation structure to the point where its processes are […]

GIFT Launches Young People’s Health Participation Ebook with NHS England

In partnership with Kath Evans, NHS England’s Head of Patient Experience we’re chuffed to have launched our first ebook on MyAPT. Inspired by the work being done by CAMHS participation projects across the country we offered, and Kath asked us, to go out and capture the 17 best examples of young people’s participation across all health […]

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