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Puzzledout.com is an online participation tool for young people who use emotional and mental health services and supports.  These services will often be CAMHS but the site is open to users of any organisation that promotes positive mental health as part of its work with young people.

It uses online surveys and a “share your story” feature to enable you to express your views on services you have, are or could be receiving. It is easy to use, effective and empowering. Results are also posted on the site so you get to see the findings of your survey. There is also a section of the site devoted to services telling their story of what has changed as a result of the feedback they’ve had.

Getting your service’s survey up and running can be done really quickly. Click here for more information or contact Cernis for a conversation

Email: puzzledout@cernis.co.uk

Phone: 020 3393 7220.

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