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MyAPT is run by the GIFT Partnership. Here’s some more info about us.

We’re a partnership between Cernis and Associate Development Solutions (ADS) – a core team of five professionals with a long combined history of working in CAMHS, locally, regionally and nationally. We are well known as leaders of service transformation and hold a passionate belief in the importance of positive change and renewal in CAMHS. The participation of children and young people is integral to how we work.

We are:

Yvonne Anderson

Director of Cernis and creator of the CAMHS self assessment matrix. Yvonne leads on average 30 young people’s mental health projects a year for a range of organisations like Department of Health, Department for Education, Office of the Children’s Commissioner, Comic Relief, Rethink , as well as Primary Care Trusts, Foundation Trusts and Children’s Trusts. Contact Yvonne.


Cathy Street

Mental Health Consultant and co-creator of the first CAMHS Participation Guide (2005). Cathy is one of the country’s mental health participation veterans and has led young people’s participation and research work for Rethink, Young Minds and Time to Change. Contact Cathy.


Fiona Warner-Gale

Co-Director (with Jane Sedgwick) of  Associate Development Solutions and previously a CAMHS Clinician, Manager and Commissoner. Fiona brings expertise in cross-sector working, stakeholder engagement and service redesign. She is also Expert Advisor for Time to Change. Contact Fiona.


Jane Sedgewick

Co-Director of Associate Development Solutions and ex-National CAMHS Support Service Regional Lead. Jane has been implementing transformational change and strategic programme management in CAMHS for the last 10 years through training, action learning sets and ‘support and challenge’ roles. Contact Jane.


Joe Roberson

Director of Working with Joe, Cernis Associate and the team’s advocacy and digital specialist. Joe has spent the last 10 years developing innovative approaches to engaging and championing the rights of young people with mental health issues through initiatives like Innovation Labs and the Headspace Toolkit. Contact Joe.


In addition to the core team, we have a range of partners, young associates and volunteers supporting us. They represent organisations like Practical Participation, NYAS, Youth Access and the Right Here Project.

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