The 9 Participation Priorities

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9 Participation Priorities Venn These guide the development of young people’s participation in CYP IAPT.

The priorities were developed by YoungMinds and the Department of Health in 2011 and are based on consultations with young people on how to involve them in extending access to psychological therapies. Download Talking about Talking Therapies to find out how the participation priorities were put together and what young people had to say about them.You can also get the 4-page Report Summary.

Talking About Talking Therapies (Download)

Talking About Talking Therapies (Download)

Report Summary (Download)

Report Summary (Download)

Since being developed the priorities have formed part of of the process of applying to become part of CYP IAPT Collaboratives. Every year sites are now asked to rank how well they are doing against each priority and report this to the Department of Health via the GIFT Partnership. Here’s the Nine Participation Priorities.

Feeling Good…

Priority 1: Get Initial Assessments Right

Priority 2: Make Sure Session Monitoring Involves the Young Person

Priority 3: Provide Easy Access to Complaints and Advocacy

Doing the Job Right…

Priority 4: Make Sure Staff Have the Right Skills and Knowledge 

Priority 5: Involve Young People in Recruitment

Priority 6: Involve Young People in Staff Appraisals

Running the Service Well…

Priority 7: Involve Young People in Commissioning

Priority 8: Help Young People Influence Senior Managers

Priority 9: Have a Strong Mission Statement

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